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Billie Eilish may very well be dating The Neighborhood’s Jesse Rutherford — and Twitter is in a frenzy over it … calling the huge age difference wildly inappropriate.

A video surfaced online this weekend showing Billy and Jesse leaving a haunted maze at Halloween Horror Nights in LA on Friday night… and as they exit, you see the two of them walking hand in hand with a group trailing behind them.
Although you can’t make out Jesse or Billy’s faces very clearly in the video, there’s no question that it’s them… As you can see, the internet has already retraced their steps, and they were both out and about in almost the same outfit just last night.

Based on the photos JR and Billie posted on their respective socials — they’re all dressed in the outfits seen in the clip, as Jesse was rolling with the boys (Phineas included).
There are also pictures of Billy hanging out with Jesse from back in August of this year, so maybe they’ve been romantic ever since.

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Whether then or now, though, at this point the cat is out of the bag. And fans sure have a lot to say about it . mostly bad things, BTW.
The reason it’s picking up steam is because Billy is 20 years old and Jesse is 11 years his … at 31 years old. While that might not normally be a big deal on its own, Twitter truthers are noticing that Billy and Jesse actually know each other. The other has been around for a good long time — which makes the relationship even more problematic for them.

Additional photos of Billy and Jessie posing together at what appears to be a Halloween party date back to at least 2017… when Billy was about 15 years old.
Point being … a lot of people are cringing at the fact that Jesse knew Billy when he was a minor, only to seemingly reunite with him as an adult. A lot of people say it’s gross and creepy, but the reality is… they’re both adults now, and they can do whatever they want.

Billie has been linked to a few people since blowing up and becoming famous — but hasn’t really embraced anyone publicly. She says she likes to keep her personal affairs – including her SO – private because the world goes crazy when she gets a taste of her love life.

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