how to hide the emperors child chapter 1

This is an excerpt from an email I received about how to hide the emperors child:

“Hi there!

One of the interesting things about getting a emperor’s child is that there is a knownspot for their child to be present in your empire. This means that if two emperors have the same child, then the child will be present in both their empires. This1200″s”nt” a”s” a”s” you”re” required” to” see” it” in person”

So how do you want to go about hiding the emperors child? Well, you could hide it yourself, or you could go get it from them!”

So this means that you would need to know where the child is located in your empire, and you would need to go and speak to them? You could also want to get their help in hiding the child if you find it difficult to do so yourself. But, the most important thing is that you

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