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JoinPD.Com Login | Pear Deck Join Code 2023

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JoinPD Login – Join Peer Deck Code – Join a Presentation – Guys!! If you have no idea about “Peardeck Login” and you are looking for JoinPD Login Guide?

So here in this article for your convenience, I will provide top links for easy and hassle free access to Peardeck login on JoinPD.com.

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Below is a simple step by step Peardeck login guide on how to access the site at JoinPD.com
Let’s start…


What is Peardeck? – Join PD Login

Peer Deck is a freemium service teachers and schools can access various tools and resources for free or subscribe to a premium account.

Peardeck join can be said to be a tool that allows teachers and students to connect for online classes and attend presentations that are in progress.

In this tool, the teacher after logging in has to create a presentation and send invitation link to the concerned students of that subject.

These are famous tools widely used in USA thus, we can put this tool in Student Help Web Portal section. It can be run through its official JoinPD website – www.joinpd.com.

It seems to be a dynamic and easy tool for personal and social learning of students.

Peardeck helps students develop a positive learning mindset and creates a sense of community or the importance of community.

So, don’t worry if you’ve never attended a class on Peardeck and have no idea how to use it. In this article, we will guide you through the complete details.

What is the Pear Deck Join Code?

The JoinPD code is a five-digit code generated by the teacher or host. Attending a Pear Deck meeting or class is mandatory.

The teacher or host will provide the Peer Deck Join Code and you will need to enter it on the JoinPD web portal to access the class.

Anyone can create the code and share it with anyone to access their class. So, if you are a teacher, create a peer deck code yourself and provide it to students.

If you are a student, ask your counselor or teacher for an attendance PD code to attend ongoing classes.

Who can use Pear Deck account?

Anyone can use the Pear Deck online service. We have listed the categories of people below. let’s see

The teachers
the students
Building Administrator
Consultants and others
District Administrators
Media specialist
Instructional Trainer
Technology integration
Technology Administrator
If you belong to any of the categories mentioned above then you can start using the added Peer Deck account.

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Benefits of using Peer Deck at JoinPD.Com

Pear Deck add-on integration
Extend lessons/classes online
Export class data to Microsoft Excel
Access and manage synced rosters
Single sign in with your Gmail ID
Share unlimited files with Google Drive

How can I join a presentation?

If a teacher creates a presentation and then uploads it to the JoinPD.com website, the delegate is given an access code that the teacher sends to the group to help answer their questions.
On the other hand, the teacher can limit and select the students’ activities.
The most amazing feature that is the most prominent feature of JoinPD.com that teachers respect is the ability to block students from editing or changing their submitted answers to track all participants.

How to create an account on Peer Deck through joinPD.com?

Please follow these simple steps below to successfully create your Peardeck account:

Visit Peardeck official website joinpd.com and please click on Sign up as Teacher.
You will then be asked for some account setup.
Please click Authorize.
Next, choose Storage, and it can be either your One Drive or Google Drive; You can do this by signing in to your Gmail account with login credentials.
It will require some permissions; Give where needed.
Enter your school’s postcode / school code, or search for your school’s name by entering the first few letters. If you can’t find your school’s name, don’t worry; Please enter any five digits and click next.
Now you can start the latest version of Peardeck.

How to get Peardeck join code? step

Visit the Peardeck official website at JoinPD.com
Join PD

Please enter Join Presentation Number with 5 digit code.
JoinPD code will have an expiry date of 4 days.
Please remember this.
You can sign up with your email id.

How to join your Peardeck class?

When you choose an instructor-paced activity, the projector view opens and the join guide is automatically projected:

Visit joinpd.com.
Next, please enter the 5 character peer deck code from your session on joinpd.com.
Alternatively, you can give students a link (see step #1 above) to the session you clicked on
You can post or email the get link and students, please click on it to join your session. can click
Join codes expire after a week, but the session link is endless.
If you want students to follow the session for more than a week, use the link to join them.
Enter an anonymous session with a selection
d Avatar or a Microsoft Office 365 or Google account email and password.
It is based on your login settings.
The Dashboard view opens when you select Student-Passed Activities with Premium Access.
You can click on the join code at the top right corner of the screen to get the joining instructions.
Student Speed ​​Activity, Join Code, Dashboard with a red arrow.

How to create a peer deck in Google Classroom? step

Peer Deck for Google Slides, students can add the power of interactive questions to Google Slides.

With the Peer Deck for Google Slides add-on, you can add the magic of Peer Deck’s innovative reviews and interactive questions to your presentations.

How to Create a Peer Deck in Google Classroom

Now let’s start

First, start reading your peer deck.
Start the dashboard view.
On the dashboard, please press the blue Roster button at the top right of the screen.
On the roster, please click Invite your class.
Now, choose the Google Classroom category you want to invite.
As students join, their names shine.

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How to sign up for Peardeck class login? step

Visit the peardeck official website at app.peardeck.com/join.
You will see a login page,
Enter your username and password.
After that, please click on submit button, and you will now see your account login dashboard.

How to participate in your Peardeck Participate in Class?

Visit the Peardeck official website at joinpd.com
Next, enter the 5 digit code
That uses the link to have your student join the session for more than a week.
Click on Join and proceed as per the order.

How to install or allow the Peer Deck add-on for users of your Google domain?

By default, apps like Peer Deck are not allowed in the EDU domain This page is for administrators whose districts or schools use Google for Education. To access the Peer Deck for Google Slides add-on for teachers, Google administrators must set permissions for users in their Google Admin console. There are two different ways to accomplish this:

Install Peer Deck on all user accounts.
Allow Peer Deck in G Suite so that individual users can install Peer Deck in Google Slides.
Install Peer Deck on all user accounts
Follow the steps below to automatically install the Peer Deck for Google Slides add-on for all teachers in your Google domain. You can also follow Google’s instructions.

Step 1. First, open the Google Admin Console.

Step 2. Select Apps.

Step 3. Choose the Google Workspace Marketplace app.

Step 4. Select Add app to domain install list.

Step 5. In the Google Workspace Marketplace, please search and choose Peer Deck for Google Slides Add-on.

Step 6. Next, select Install Domain.

Step 7. Follow the domain-wide install prompt, then grant Peer Deck to authorize the Google Slides add-on to access data (learn more about why we need access to your Drive files).

Step 8. Return to your Google Admin Marketplace page and please click on the Refresh button. When you see Pear Deck listed there, domain installation is complete!

Step 9. Now, teachers can open the Peer Deck sidebar in Google Slides.

They open a Google Slides presentation and go to Add-ons > Peer Deck > Open Peer Deck Add-on.

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the Pear Deck to appear in each user’s Google Slides menu.

Allow peer decks in the G Suite Marketplace
To allow teachers to install the Peer Deck add-on for themselves, rather than installing it automatically, please follow Google’s guidelines in the article Allow or restrict add-ons in docs editors under the heading Users to install and use add-ons Enable outside of your organization.

How to resubscribe to email communications?

If you unsubscribe from receiving Pear Deck communications, we cannot re-enroll you as a contact. This protects you from sending unwanted communications. However, suppose you decide you want to receive communications from the peer deck again. In that case, you can manually opt-in to be included in our email list and receive messages from our company.

Here’s how to re-enroll in Contact:

Visit https://www.peardeck.com/resubscribe.
Enter your email address in the form.
After entering your email address, you will see a link. Please click on this link, etc
An email will be sent to your account.
Open your email account and look for a “Peer Deck Team” notification with the subject line “Resubscribe Request”. This message includes instructions on how to get back in touch
Click the link in the email to visit your Personal Manage Subscription page.
On the Subscription Management page, confirm that you are subscribed to receive marketing information and customer service communications. You will then receive usage, content, onboarding and renewal emails:
Be sure to verify your changes by clicking Update Email Preferences
If you have questions, please email help@peardeck.com!

Peardeck login help
Well, the following are Peardeck contact details, and this may help you
Solve all your difficulties and problems as soon as possible. Let us go and choose the communication method without a second thought.

Official Website: joinpd.com

last word

That was all about the Peardeck login. I hope you liked this article, and it helped you a lot, but if you face any problem related to this Peardeck login, feel free to leave a comment I love to help everyone. Thank you!

FAQ for joining a presentation in progress – JoinPD

Q. Is Peer Deck free for teachers?
Peer Deck is a freemium service; Teachers and academies can access various resources and tools for free or choose to subscribe to a premium account.

Q. How can I get a free pear deck?
We’ve launched access to all Peer Deck premium features for all teachers to include Peer Deck in their teaching tool kit. Start testing Peer Deck premium features for free today.

Q. How to get Peardeck class join code?
Visit joinpd.com. Enter the 5 digit join code from your session on joinpd.com.

Q. How do I get the Peardeck sign-up code? joinpd.com code
Visit www.joinpd.com/join.
From your JoinPD.com session, please enter the Joinpd Presentation Number “5 Digit Code”.
Code expires after four days.
You can also create a mail ID for your students to join the presentation only after they click on the link for the presentation.
Q. How do you present a pear deck? (joinpd.com)
When you build using the Pear Deck, join lessons are displayed immediately on the projector screen. To join the project, participants must take these steps:

Visit joinpd.com
Log in using your Office 365 account
Enter the unique 5 digit code shown on the projector.
Q. How do I join PD com?
✔ Go to joinpd.com. Enter the 5-character peer deck code in your session at joinpd.com. Click this to have students sign up for your class. Alternatively, you can share or email your session link, which you’ll get when you click Give Students a Link (see full instructions above).

Q. What is Pier Deck and how does it work?
✔ Peer Deck is an interactive presentation tool used to actively engage students in personal and social knowledge. Teachers create presentations using their Google Drive accounts.

Q. How do students join a peer deck session?
✔ Students do not need to create a Peer Deck account to join a session, but they may need a Microsoft Office 365 or Google account to join a Peer Deck session if the teacher’s settings require it.

The teacher starts a Peer Deck session and brings the join code or join link to share with the students.

Students are:

Click on the link or visit Joinpd.com and enter the join code

If the presenter requires an email login, the student will be automatically logged in or prompted to choose their email account before entering the session.

Now students are in Student View, where they can view presentation slides and answer interactive questions.

Q. As a Pear Deck customer, how does this news benefit me?
✔ You won’t notice any changes right away, but partnering with GoGuardian allows us to dream bigger and start working on innovative solutions for your biggest educational challenges. We will listen closely to your feedback and suggestions and keep you informed every step of the way.

Q. What is Peer Deck for Google Slides?
✔ Peer Deck is a free add-on tool to Google Slides that can be used to create interactive and engaging presentations. Peer Deck’s interactive feature allows professors to develop creative Google Slides presentations and assess their students’ understanding of material in everyday settings.

Q. We are in the process of purchasing peer decks for our teachers Will your prices change?
✔ Our partnership with GoGuardian will not affect pricing. Our team will honor all current quotes. For more information, please contact sales@peardeck.com.

Q. Come to the pier deck
Why is GoGuardian merging?
✔ The missions of our two companies are well-aligned, and our products and teams complement each other. In addition, we are both working to design education products that are accessible, inclusive and promote honest engagement in the classroom. As we develop a shared product roadmap, we want to bring the magic of Peer Deck to the GoGuardian Teacher product by adding curriculum and instructional tools. Together, our teams have the expertise and resources to build next-generation technologies that will transform the digital learning environment.

Who is GoGuardian?
✔ GoGuardian is a K-12 edtech company committed to maximizing the learning potential of every student through solutions that enable productive and secure digital learning. Its products help educators identify learning patterns, protect students from harmful and distracting content, and support mental health. They serve nearly 10,000 schools and 10 million students across the United States. To learn more, visit www.goguardian.com.

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