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What is the story behind 241543903?

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What is the story behind 241543903?

If you believe that it is just a simple number, then after reading this post you need to change your view.
First, you can do a Google search on the number below:

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Everyone put their heads in Freeze and took a pic… Did you see such an image?


Millions of people stuck their heads in the fridge, immortalizing the moment.
The world hasn’t gone crazy, or more than normal. Let’s find out the mystery of the number 241543903.
Many claim that this number was started by [241543903] artist David Horwitz [American]

David Horvitz


Who worked on photography, art book and artistic projects related to art. One day David thought of a strange idea to take a picture of himself with his head on his fridge.
And he took a picture of his head stuck in a freezer and posted it on Instagram with the random number 241543903. But David Horvitz didn’t stop there, he asked his friends to do the same. And many of his friends did the same. Many others saw them. So the picture and the same caption started spreading like wildfire on social media. It was followed by millions of people around the world.


These strange pictures went viral on April 6th, 2009, by David Horvitz.

They just wanted to have fun with everyone through it. We know how we can like and dislike art and it’s a matter of personal preference for each of us,

But in this case we certainly can’t deny that David Horvitz must have found infectious artistry. Which was able to create curiosity among many.

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